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EH  ”The roots of team success or failure often seem mysterious. Yet this much is clear: according to researchers at Harvard and the University of California, Emotional Intelligence accounts for at least 40% of the variance in performance among teams. How teams perceive and use emotions to build mutual trust, create a common identity, and develop a strong confidence that they can get the job done goes a long way towards explaining why they succeed, or not.”
Excerpt from “Zero”, MHS, sources: Elfenbein, H.A. (2006). Team Emotional Intelligence: What it can mean and how it can impact performance. In V. Druskat, F. Sala, & G. Mount (Eds.). The link between emotional intelligence and performance (pp.165-184), Mahway, MJ: Erlbaum. And Drusket, V.U. & Wolff, S.B. (2001) Building Emotional Intelligence of Groups, Harvard Business Review, 79(3), 81-90.